Pennywort Drink Health Benefits to Make You Love This Plant

Submitted by Pen_ning on Mon, 09/24/2018 - 04:57
pennywort drink health benefits

If only you know pennywort drink health benefits, you will never stop consuming this perennial herb. How beneficial is pennywort for health? The herb which is also known as water navel is a variety of herb commonly found in moist area. It is native to Sri Lanka, India, and other Asia countries. Pennywort plan is associated with several health benefits including anti-inflammatory and antibacterial. It is usually consumed as salad or pennywort juice. Check this out for more health benefits of pennywort drink!

  1. Improve memory

Do you feel having problem when remembering something? It can be a sign that you have memory issue. Pennywort drink is a good solution to cope with this. The perennial herb is known to be effective in improving memory—even it is considered as food for brain. Studies showed that consuming 2 to 4 pennywort leaves help improve memory and sharpen alertness. Not to mention it also rejuvenates brain.


  1. Maintain nervous system

Pennywort drink is considered a good herb to maintain nervous system. The plant helps relax your mind and handle certain nervous disorder, stroke, epilepsy, ADD, and senility. You can consume pennywort tonic to relieve mental stress or fatigue.


  1. Improve immune system

The other pennywort drink health benefits that you can get are the ability to improve your immune system. This plan has antibiotic properties which helps speed up the healing process. In addition to its function, pennywort protects your body from toxin; avoid high blood pressure, urinary tract infection and other illnesses. The herb is also effective to improve blood flow that reinforces veins and arteries. For children, pennywort can be used to bring down fever and get rid of diarrhea.


  1. Beautify skin

If you wish to have healthy and beautiful skin, make sure to have pennywort drink on your diet list. This herb contains special components which help cleanse and purify bloodstream. As results, your skin looks brighter and healthier. It can also cure several skin conditions including chronic ulcers eczema, scleroderma, and sores. Pennyworts are sometimes made as powder which can be applied to erupted skin.

You probably never think that far about the health benefits of pennywort leaves. This perennial herb is quite easy to grow. Get the pennywort seeds and sow in low sunshade. Make sure to water every day to keep the area moist. Then, you can get fresh leaves and get pennywort drink health benefits at its best.