What is the Best Mechanical Knife Sharpener?

Submitted by Pen_ning on Thu, 08/30/2018 - 04:56
What is the Best Mechanical Knife Sharpener

When you are looking for a sharpener tool for knives, you will find yourself trapped in between the manual and mechanical knife sharpener. Though many professional chefs still rely on the manual one, the charm of electric sharpener has successfully captive many users. It is not an easy battle indeed since each tool has its own benefits. However, a sharp knife is a compulsory output for every method and tools. Continuing to use a dull knife will only bring harm to users. It will not cut your food beautifully.

On the other hand, the dull knife will tear up the food instead and ruin the taste. In addition, it can cause frustration for wasting so many times just to make the knife work. The probability of getting injured is also rising due to the blunt knife. Thus, restoring blunt knives is extremely important and you need a proper tool to do the job. The best option that can be picked up is the mechanical knife sharpener.

Consider these things before buying electric knife sharpener. First is sharpening agent type. The market provides huge types of electric sharpener. Most of brands prefer to use diamond types of sharpening agent because it is durable and give satisfying result. Try to find the best agent for your knife. You may start by reading reviews about the knife.

Second is about your needs. Start to analyze the reasons you owning the knives. If you rarely use them or your main duty is in a common household area, probably you don’t need the professional sharpener. Meanwhile, if you are a professional and always need a sharp knife, then you have to consider buying a sharpener that allows you for a wide range of usage.  

Furthermore, here are the top electric sharpener recommendations. You can choose 50353 from Kitchen IQ. This mechanical knife sharpener has a flexible angle adjustment that can help you during sharpening process. Each factory sets a fixed angle for their blade according to the blade materials. Changing the angle while sharpening blade can destroy your knife instead. Therefore, if you have a wide variety of knives with different angles, this tool is perfect for you.

Next, there is LINKYO Electric Knife Sharpener. Sharpening tool cost should not burden you. Linkyo seems to offer a relatively cheap sharpening device with a magnificent result. It uses two stage process which are sharpening and polishing process. For more convenient, this mechanical knife sharpener has two suction cup feet to firmly attach the machine to the surface.