High End Knife Sharpener for Users with Assorted Needs

Submitted by Pen_ning on Thu, 08/30/2018 - 05:06
High End Knife Sharpener for Users with Assorted Needs

All providers are now trying to offer high end knife sharpener for their customers. Unfortunately, only some of them won the competition and provide sharpeners which are much better than their competitors. Chef’s Choice is one of those providers. By combining a technology called Trizor Edge with abrasive wheels from diamond, Chef’s Choice offers an incredible sharpener. It allows any knife to be extra sharp with professional edge. At first, Chef’s Choice designed this awesome tool for the professionals. However, everyone is allowed to use it since it is extra easy to operate this sharpener.

The amazing high end knife sharpener created by Chef’s Choice is known as Trizor XV. It is amazing because of its magnetic guides which will position any knife properly in sharpening slots. Magnetic guides of Trizor XV will also increase the control of sharpening process. Chef’s Choice added three slots to Trizor XV. First one is designed to pre-sharpening the knives. Second slot will sharpening them, and the last one is for final honing. Those slots are going to perfect the edge of knives every time you sharpen them using Trizor XV.

If you prefer something electric for extra fast sharpening process, try another high end knife sharpener from Presto. Presto’s wonderful knife sharpener allows you to sharpen any metal knives from the thinnest one to filet to the thickest cleavers. Presto’s professional sharpener comes with interchangeable guides that will hold blades in three angles. In addition, this sharpener also has slider that allows users to choose one between thin, medium, or thick blades. Unfortunately, just like the other products, Presto’s also has a weakness. This isn’t designed for ceramic knives.

For those who need electric one but has low budget, there’s Presto 08800. This tool is designed for you who are new in sharpening the knives using electric sharpener. Presto 08800 is perfect to sharpen knives that are made from stainless steel, carbon, or alloy. You can’t use it to sharpen Japanese knives as well, but this tool is capable to sharpen the serrated knives. Compared to another one with abrasive wheels from diamond, 08800 by Presto is not so sharp. Yet, for the price you pay, you will get awesome results for the knives. Presto has another better product if you long for more awesome high end knife sharpener; it is 08810 that has additional stage designed to fix nicked up and dullest knives.