Quick  Easy Vegan Comfort Food Book Cover

about the book

Quick and Easy Vegan Comfort Food is perfect for new vegans, long-time vegans, or meat eaters trying to bring more healthful options into their diets. Quick and Easy Vegan Comfort Food has more than 150 go-to recipes for those looking for the tastes of home. Author Alicia C. Simpson opens by debunking myths that sometimes get in the way of eating vegan and introduces readers to favorite ingredients, cooking tools, and her love of quick, easy and tasty veganized comfort classics.

Dishes include Southern favorites such as Fried Chik'n Seitan, Collard Greens and Sweet Potato pie, Midwestern Tuno Casserole and Sloppy Josephs, while recipes for Black Bean Enchiladas and Fool Your Friends Tacos represent the Southwestern classics

. There's something for everyone and best of all, it is all animal-free.